Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bloom where you are transplanted....hopefully

It's just another hot day in Clovis [Fresno]. I am currently in my HOT bedroom, not moving because Cameron's sweaty little head is resting on my knee and I am afraid to awaken the BEAST that can emerge when a 3 1/2 year old with a flair for the dramatic awakens too early from a nap. And then he might want to watch his current favorite show, which is, painfully, the re-vamped and tween-ized  decidedly UN-vintage "Strawberry Shortcake." [Last week it was "My Little Pony"] And then he will want a bowl of cereal, which is not allowed since he already had cereal today and needs to have cheese or other protein first. And then he will melt down because he is exhausted and jonesing for Lucky Charms. Epically. So I am not moving.

Did I mention it is hot? And how much I would LOVE an icy cold beverage (specifically a Diet Dr. Pepper?). We're lucky though...this morning after library story hour we got to go play at a park because it was only 97 degrees at 11:00, which is the coolest it has been in a while. Now it is back up to 102 and the ritual of post nap swimming will continue. One of my favorite sisters-in-law (yes, you Quiet Court Reporter), upon hearing of the weather and general attributes of our new area said: "My brother is the devil and moved you to hell." Aside from the part about my husband being the devil, which is categorically false, I kind of agree about the hell part though...some days more than others. For example, whenever Cam says something like "The sharks at Sea World miss me" or "Let's find treasures at the beach today" my heart breaks a little. I may or may not swear under my breath as I say brightly "It's okay! Let's go through the car wash and then go to Costco for some samples!"

I do like the feel of the community here in Clovis, and I like the little parks that abound, and I like Cam's preschool, and the zoo in Fresno is just the right size for my kids. In the summer there is something that is open on weekends;  it is mildly disturbing but mostly fun called "Storyland" (pictures will be posted eventually once I upload them). Neighboring Storyland is "Playland," which is a tiny amusement park designed for tiny kids. It is great, and I have only thrown up in the disgusting public restroom there once (which cause revolting vomity toilet water back splash into my eyes) after riding the helicopter ride (you know, the one that goes up and down and flies around in a circle) with Ailey. Sadly, it is her favorite, so I think the next time we go there I will pack a bucket. 

Anyway, I hear Ailey stirring after her nap. I think she woke up when she heard my laptop open and I began to type. Seriously, she has an amazing radar for honing in on when I am being productive. Ha---she was off this time! After nap time today I am 100% caught up with grading, and I have done all I could for the other classes that will begin in less than a month (I really hope the textbooks arrive soon!!).  The sounds currently emanating from Ailey's room: "chatter, chatter, chatter, THUD [kicking side of crib], chatter, laugh, screech, chatter THUD [throwing a book], chatter, laugh."  It is such fun to go in and have her squeal upon seeing me, so excited for me to rescue her and go on to the next adventure. She will be thrilled to "help" me make banana bread and unload the dishwasher!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Meditations on moving...and sitting

Here I am in the San Diego airport, with a flight that has been currently delayed for at least two hours. I am unable to access the internet so I can’t be productive and get any grading or course work done, and I REFUSE to be THAT person who is sharing their cell phone conversation with an entire terminal. 

Although I am getting a bit twitchy, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO THANKFUL I am alone and don’t have my two little movers and shakers with me, one runner/ climber and the other finding/rescuing (via her mouth) any stray particle on the floor. 

So here I sit, prior to sitting through an entire flight, writing a blog post I intend to put online later. It is SO NICE to be writing! Writing without guilt. I already went to the gift shop and purchased water, Diet Coke (shocker!), a San Diego T-shirt, and a new book. I can’t focus on reading because I am itching to be productive (I can’t just turn that urge off when there is a possibility of doing something seeming to be more productive, like recording my recent goings on). 

You probably know (via the friends and family grapevine or Facebook) that Martin has been suddenly (as in 36 hours notice) transferred to Fresno. They are desperate for his skills (bow-hunting and nun-chucks, specifically) to fix their operation there. 

Although cognitively I knew that we were due for a transfer, my heart was still shocked upon hearing the news. San Diego has had its challenges, but on the whole it has been an incredibly sweet backdrop to these last two and a half years. 

My brain has been spinning, and here is a little sample of what it is like in my brain RIGHT NOW and also a sample of my stream of consciousness, most of the thoughts popping into my head at fairly random times:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This guy next to me is playing Angry birds on his computer with the sound ON. I should have brought my I-pod shuffle, but who knew I would actually have time to listen to it? 

 * Really?! A move and transfer right before Christmas? 
Hmmm…I wonder what I should do with our sandbox (aka an inflatable wading pool) filled with about 75 pounds of sand purloined from the beach.  

* How will Cameron (and me) handle life without Sea World?!

*How on earth am I going to survive when the commute to the beach is  longer than 15 minutes away?
* Crumbs! I just got Cam into a preschool here [San Diego]! I need to frantically research and contact preschools there to get him in!

I don’t care if there have been three flights that have passed through this gate while I have been sitting here. I would give up my seat to a pregnant mother, or any mother probably, or a frail and elderly person,  but NOT to the grungy kid with the stocking cap and backpack (who, in a laughable cliché, is flying to Seattle) You will have to pry this seat off of my cold, dead butt. Which just might happen by the time I finally get on this flight. 

·         *We have so much stuff! We will be getting help in packing up but not unpacking….I have a feeling local thrift shops will be getting lots of donations. 

*It is unbelievable that my tweezers got taken away at the gate but his lady across from me was able to keep her metal, foot long pointy knitting needles! 

·        * I might have to say goodbye to my sandal tan line! But I don’t know if I am prepared to wear shoes and socks. My uniform of sandals, yoga capris, and t-shirts might have to change….but maybe the fashion code there is a bit more relaxed.

 Now the guy playing angry birds is talking to he game, like “that will teach you”  and “The only thing more irritating is the insurance salesman hawking his policies on his cell phone about 4 seats over.

·       *  This clinches it…we will not be putting up our Christmas decorations this year.

·        * Quick…I need to google this immediately…does Fresno have a Dollar tree and Costco? (thankfully yes, but no Hobby Lobby)

·        * Definitely no Christmas cards this year…it looks like we will be sending Valentine’s Day cards, or more likely, April Fool’s day cards

I can’t believe someone would wear that [leopard-ish print leotard/bodysuit with a fuschia boa, with spiky clear pumps] out of their closet,, much less on an airplane, in public.

·         *What will our Christmas pilgrimage to CO look like now?

·         *What will I do when Cameron talks about going to play with his best friends? A 6 hour commute is a bit far for a play date. 

Seeing this baby next to me is reminding me how much I miss my kids, but also how glad I am that they are not here right now

·         Cool…I can finally go see Yosemite! That isn’t the place with the bears who climb on top of your car and steal your picnic basket is it?

·       *  It is going to be painful to tell some people we are leaving

·      *   Hopefully the cost of living will be lower. 

·       *  Yaaaay! I can be free of several responsibilities!

 How on earth did I lose my boarding pass out of my pocket when I have been sitting here in the same place for three hours?!

Now that I know we have a house and what it looks like:
·       *  I am sooooooooooooooo excited to have a backyard, although I will have to patrol it daily and be vigilant in keeping Ailey from consuming any caterpillars, worms, or roly polys, Small twigs, leaves, and grass are fine and I will just consider it extra fiber for her. Since she is accustomed to eating about 1 cup of sand throughout the course of a week, I am not concerned about her ability to metabolize the odd bit of dirt or gravel.

Agggghhhh! Unbelievable…the flight has now been delayed for at least 3 ½ hours. Don’t they have a back up plane or something?!

·         *We might have to get a REAL sandbox! And other yard-y toys.

·         *Now that I know we have a pool (with a fence and locked gate, lest anyone be worried about the safety of our kidlets…I also might tell Cam that an alligator lives in the pool when we aren’t swimming so he won’t be tempted to try to venture in without us. I would say a shark lives there, but he would be too interested), I will see how warm I can crank it [pool temp] up to so I can begin the private swimming lessons for the kids.

There have been some unlikely pairings here by gate 18. Us grizzled veterans of the waiting game are grouped together according to who is lingering on and on and on for the Fresno flight, and I am enjoying watching the Hell’s Angel talking with the crazy cat lady (they have even moved seats, so there is no longer the courtesy empty seat between them, even though the last flight just boarded and there are tons of empty chairs). I would enjoy more though, if I was already on the plane.

Well, the good news is that our flight was just announced to be ready to go! Here is the first step in seeing Fresno and what new adventures await!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Word Cloud

Life is a blur, even when  I do have a few "weeks off" from teaching. Now one of the three classes I am teaching this semester has already started and the others begin next week. Any "free time" has already gone, so blogging probably won't happen, especially since Ailey wakes up 5 minutes after Cam goes to sleep. Coinciding nap times is an unrealized dream, and I have to admit I am a bit jealous when I see all the photos of napping children on Facebook.

So the following words represent a bit of what has been going on, and each could be a blog post in and of itself, but instead you will have to make do with the following little word blurbs; a stream of consciousness, as it were. The next step might be to post random photos without captions.

Swimming. Smiles. Teething. Fans. Potty training. Fruit flies. Tan lines.  Adorable baby clothes. Visitors. Funerals. Cotton candy. Sloppy ponytails. Cuddles. Walks. Freshwater fiddler crabs.  Diet Dr. Pepper. Filthy feet. Time out. Curious George. Dollar Store. Routine. Fat. Relief Society. Pacifier roundups.Allergies. Photos. Laundry stacks and piles. Stairs. Trains. Cars. Obesity. Sea World. Arthur. Crumbs. Crowds. Grading. Quesadillas. Tantrums. Garage games. Humidity. Sweat. French fries. Growing bald spot. Sleep deprivation. Soap.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Portrait magnificence

Way back in February, Aunties Gina and Erin subsidized a photo shoot of the kidlets. Ailey was about 4 months, Cam two and a half. Here are some of their best and most original shots. Hmmmm...that reminds me that I should get Ailey's portrait taken again soon. Y'know, just because I am trying to avoid the whole "no photos of the second child" syndrome.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogging Sabbatical

It is midnight in California, and I am taking a break from grading some of the work from my online students. My husband and two kids are both sleeping (wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles! Although I am betting that one or the other of the kidlets will be wide awake soon).  I am watching the horrific yet addicting show  "Hoarders"  and am feeling a bit better about the less- than- pristine state of my house, but am still feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything and wishing I could spend more time communicating with those I love. You know, calling, texting, writing letters, blogging, reading the blogs of others, etc.

 One day I will go nuts posting all my random thoughts and fantastic stories and heartwarming photos, and will overwhelm my friends and family with my contact, but this is really not the season of my life to do that. My top priority is taking care of my amazing and awesome family, and a toddler and baby don't really appreciate having a mum who is on the computer a lot. So I have just enough time to get my online grading done, which means that my online record here is sorely out of date. Exhibit A? I haven't even written about my experience peeing in the Sea World parking lot (which is a fantastic story!) or given the newest little member of our family her due coverage. It doesn't help that I am a perfectionist in this area and can't just whip off a post. I have accepted and embraced the fact I am wordy.

Crumbs....Ailey is awake and is sounding increasingly anxious to feed (hmmm...maybe a different turn of phrase would be better, so she doesn't sound like a vampire or farm animal). Until the next midnight oil burning fest!